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Exchange Keys. Trade Dreams. Celebrates Growth and Great Properties on Two-Year Anniversary.

June 16, 2011 (Bend, Oregon) – It’s amazing what a little frustration can accomplish when you put it to work in a productive way. Frustration with existing exchange programs caused Evan Julber to create In 2009, following the completion of an exchange for his property through his traditional channel, Evan looked back at the complicated process involving points, deposit systems and fees. It seemed to him that it should be easier to exchange a property.

Designed from the start with simplicity and member satisfaction in mind, features no points, deposits or per-exchange fees. Members at communicate directly with each other regarding properties and desired dates, sending exchange proposals using the system’s social networking software.

Fractional property developers seem to be in favor of this model, as well. The collection being built by is replete with boutique resort properties in 21 countries throughout the world, with owners in over 40 fractional developments.

“Seeing how resorts and members have been enthusiastic to join has been very rewarding. It’s nice to know I’m not the only person who felt the other programs were a bit more complex than necessary,” says Evan. “Hearing a resort say they’ve been looking for someone like us for years tells me we have filled a valid need.”

One of the company’s most innovative moves in its first two years is the way they provide sales tools to resort sales teams. Rather than provide a quickly outdated “coffee table” book to describe the program and showcase properties, has created a sales office application for the iPad. Additionally, with regard to marketing efforts, they are willing to assist resorts with lead generation by marketing weeks of use to high-end charity gala events in appropriate demographic areas for the property. Besides generating leads for the sales team, the program markets the property while helping charities raise money for their causes.

Shortly after launching, Evan brought in Paul Nabor as Director of Sales, knowing Paul’s background would be the perfect fit. Paul’s tenure in exchange at The World’s Finest Resorts, along with time at different private residence clubs and luxury resorts throughout the United States makes him a natural. He knows how the other fee structures and programs work, and can quickly identify why—in most cases — is a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

Says Paul, “I relish bringing resorts and properties on board, and having them see how straightforward the process can be. They’re always so pleasantly surprised.”

For additional information regarding this release and the services of, visit or contact Paul Nabor at 541.306.3180.

About is a global online owner-to-owner exchange network for owners of upscale vacation residences and fractional properties. The company was established in 2008 by parent company Sierra Holdings, Incorporated, an Oregon Corporation with offices in Bend, Oregon, USA. Servers are located in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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Paul Nabor, Director of Sales
Bend, Oregon 97702 USA
866.595.4075 Toll-free (USA)